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Oil Of Magnesia | Olive Oil Production Volos Magnesia

Weaknesses include:
1. Cost of production
2. Cost of transportation
3. Lack of rail links
4. Lack of trading /exhibition centres

5. Markets
6. Lack of government sponsorship.

The cost of production has increased dramatically. Energy costs in olive presses, diesel fuel, transportation, metal, labor and maintenance.a modern rail system would enable a faster and more economical means of exportation and travel throughout Europe. A Chinese initiative for this project was dismissed years ago and no other initiatives were proposed the existing rail links are inadequate, insufficient  and antiquated.

It is high time for the Greek government to press the EU Commission with urgency and priority since the political differences and relationships have been normalized and rail links through North Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary could and should have been operative years ago.
It would have been a great asset for the economies of these developing countries too.
The air links have been on the increase whereas the talk about air pollution and diesel for air emissions was just sweet talk.

A trading marketplace in Larissa for instance would help local producers to sell their products to foreign buyers.I cannot see any market openings since the threats and opportunities work hand in hand against us and the mega corporations of Napolina, Bertorelli and Felippe Beria send their juggernauts to Greece and cooperatives sell for cheap and cheerful the best extra virgin in the world, the no1 food ingredient in the world.

What would we say if the no2, Scottish and Norwegian Salmon, were sold for 5 Eu.p.kg? Obviously they harvest the sea and little else. May be they could help us with pruning and all other jobs.The Greek government would tell us supply and demand my dear friend.

Maybe a spoonful of extra virgin might change their minds.
Northern Countries sponsor their own oil challenging if not brainwashing propaganda through their media that rapeseed oil is the best. May even be a greater threat than all the others.
Which Sponsorship are we waiting for God to save us all.
The rugged waste lands in Canada have been used for decades for the cultivation of millions of hectares of rapeseed which serve McDonalds and similar establishments throughout the world.

I would say It is high time to rethink...