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Oil Of Magnesia | Olive Oil Production Volos Magnesia

Our Strengths lie in our Strong Beliefs that since the onset of civilisation,the Golden Age of Solon, Pericles and Plato, whereby organized communities,democratic laws were introduced,science and technology begun to thrive,it was recognised then that nature should be an important and vital part of human activity and development. It is no surprise that medicine consisted of olive oil, plants and herbs,a practice which continues to this very day.

The respect of the olive tree was embodied in forms of deity and award. An Olympic champion was awarded with the glorious olive garland. Our constant efforts in promoting Organic growth is based on principles deeply rooted in traditional practices which encompass scientific and technological advances.

We also believe,that changes in government attitudes due to increasing costs in the Health sector of the economy and overtaxing the working population with inflammatory results,governments worldwide will reconsider drastically and recycle to Alternative medicine and organic farming.

Climate changes will cost the earth to achieve and these I firmly believe will be made from savings from  existing health budgets.