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Oil Of Magnesia | Παραγωγή Ελαιολάδου Βόλος Μαγνησία

Grafting a tree is a very complex process demanding skill and experience. The grafting period is between April and May when the sump is freely reaching the top of the tree. As mentioned above, grafting is very complex as grafting an existing tree or a wild olive tree or a wild young tree.In any case do not graft from cuttings as many merchants may sell trees from cuttings which are prone to disease like "Xelya" which is presently in full force in Southern Italy.

There  are more than 100 things you should know before you attempt and it is advisable to consult an experienced grafter. The main tasks in the late spring and summer is a constant lookout for growing suckers (agrilikia) and unwanted fresh sproutings as in the dry season water conservation is of vital importance. We cut grass and weeds early May avoiding wild flowers which can be cut back in September before harvesting.
Never cut cyclamen as the roots of the olive tree will suffer from dehydration and the fruit will shrink faster than it should.