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Oil Of Magnesia | Olive Oil Production Volos Magnesia

Our mission is a constant improvement of the Quality of the product as well as our practices, co-operate and consult with olive presses, distributors, and consumers at large on a wide range of issues.

The importance of organic foods in our diet is growing in momentum every day, particularly the raw and unprocessed foods. Our philosophy and principles are based on contemporary scientific research and findings.
Nutritionists and Dietitians have placed organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as no1 in the list of 15 top health foods, Salmon no2, Avocado no3, Blueberry no4 etc.

Organic Growing may differ from Natural Organic since Chemicals and fertilizers have been introduced due to the fact that low lying fields may carry remnants of chemicals from upper grounds.
The oil of Magnesia is produced from natural organic soil and aspect since all of our oil comes from south-facing hills and mountains whose upper sides border with woodland and forests having the invaluable benefit of silt mulching and god given fertilisation. Oil producing trees need very good drainage similar to those of vine and some  species of olive trees need sea air and sodium to produce top quality oil.

Greece has all the ingredients of schist rocky soil as a result of 30 million years of evolvement ,temperate climate and moderate rainfall.